The organizers will have a number of RIBs to rent to coaches, friends or relatives who need them.

The RIBs are from 4.9 meters to 6 meters and for the period from the 15th to 30th September. 

To simplify, the organizares are negotiated an unique price with independence of the LOA and engine, per day, on a first come first served basis.

The person in charge shall have the following mandatory items:

  • Navigation license according to the LOA and engine of the RIB,
  • Life jacket or buoyancy aid for al people onboard. (Please ask if you haven`t  a sufficient number for all, in case).
  • Max people onboard during races: 3. After races: 6
  • Deposit of 300,00€ for damages.
  • Fuel oil deposit full/full.
  • Only for renting to coaches and assistant people to sailors.
  • After races, the visit to the Mar Menor islands or La Manga del Mar Menor is permited.
  • Navitation after sunset is prohibed. At this time all RIBs have to be at the sailing center for checking.
  • Third party liability insurance covered by the rented.
  • The cost of the RIBs is: 170,00€ + VAT (21%) / day.
For booking, please complete and send the next questionnaire:

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