High Performance Sailing Center residence

The Región de Murcia high performance sailing center itself, the regatta headquarters, has 6 bedrooms totally adapted to sailors with more severe disabilities and tens of them perfectly adapted to the needs of the regatta participants.

Below you will see details and a list of prices for each of your selection.Single bedrooms, double and even until for 4 to 6 people bedrooms, the offer of the high performance sailing center is very convenient.

Bedroom Price per person and night

Breakfast Person

Half board/Person Full board/Person

Single with bathroom

29,45€ Included 37,94 47,15€
Double with bathroom 20,56€ Included 28,85€ 37,85€
3 to 4 people with bathroom 18,28€ Included 26,77€ 35,99€
5 to 6 people with bahroom 17,30€ Included 25,05€ 34,05€
* The residence has a limited number (6) of totally adapted bedrooms that will be assigned to the most severe disabilities sailors. For this, it is important for them to register asap and indicating their grade. Please contact with the organisers.
* VAT 10% not included
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