Clean and Green Regatta

Reducing, reusing and recycling

One of the primary objectives that we have set for ourselves is to reduce our environmental footprint. Enjoying a Mar Menor, with its beautiful and unique surroundings, makes us more aware of the fragile balance between man and nature.

With the recent storms that affected our Mar Menor in recent years and its efficient but slow recovery, we have decided that living responsibly and sustainably is more important than ever.

The Regatta wants to be a pioneer in the application of environmental measures around the Mar Menor, and we seek neutrality in carbon emissions while we will educate all those attending the event to make a difference with suggestions on how to “reduce, reuse , recycle”, we will post signs that reflect environmental issues such as “How long until it decomposes” and visual reminders of our footprint on the environment.

We are aware that many crews already try to use refillable water bottles, but we still see too many cases of single-use plastic bottles on board the boats of both participants and the organization. For them, we will offer refillable water bottles and encourage their use on all ships.

At our onshore regatta venue, we are going to set an innovative model of sustainability in all aspects in which we work with, as example, dedicated containers for waste and more.

An ecological regatta is possible, help us to achieve it!

Reducing, reusing and recyclins

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